Wallpaper Trends to give your home a fresh look for 2023

As we’ve seen with 2023 color trends, things are warming up. Minimalism and all-gray-everything are becoming a thing of the past, and in their place, bolder colors and bigger patterns are taking hold. It’s no surprise that with this change, wallpaper is having a major moment. 

With some of the more outrageous décor ideas that have been recently trending this year, wallpaper can be a simple yet elegant way to give your home a complete lift in color and style. Here are some top ideas that we can all get behind.

Using Wallpaper as Art

Wallpaper that will double as art is unique use of color and expression that adds so much personality, a better way to live with art than on an entire wall or room. This could range from photographs or mural wallpapers that just add the right amount of character to your home.

Large-Scale Wallpaper Designs

Say goodbye to one-dimensional, boring walls. This wallpaper is not only making a comeback, but is enhancing walls with murals and oversized bold prints. Geometric wall accents, paint blocking, and different textual wall features are also being used to add dimension to an otherwise boring wall.

It’s more color and bolder, as many are becoming more inclined to add more color to their bedrooms, but to add wallpaper in any space it adds a dimension that you cannot attain with paint.

Adding Tropical Touches

While biophilic designs made a major comeback in 2022, we can see them with a tropical twist in 2023.

It’s all about incorporating fresh, vibrant paint colors or wallpaper in unexpected areas to freshen up your space. You can expect to see more vacation-vibe designs with island greenery and wallpaper that incorporates nature.

Wallpaper Ceilings

Your ceiling is a continuation of your walls, don’t be afraid to run your wallpaper up your walls and across your ceilings, or do a treatment on the ceiling that will compliment your wallpaper.

Over this year, expect to use people using wallpaper on ceilings more often. Use paper that adds warmth, texture, and movement over a distinctive pattern. It adds depth to a room without stealing the spotlight.

Trying Bordered Designs

We’ll see more bordered wallpaper in 2023 as they make their comeback. One way of seeing it done is around doors and all moldings—chair railings, crown, and base. This can give a project such a fabulous, finished look and is a great way to add a pop of color into a room.

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