Social Tips: Facebook Changed Public Groups

📢 Did you know that Facebook changed PUBLIC Groups which happened on September 5th. Members will be FOLLOWERS. “People will follow instead of join to get group content in their Feed.” 🤔

Private groups will still have members. 🔐

👉🏻 If you currently run a public group, there is no action needed. The change will just happen automatically. The good news is you may potentially see more reach/distribution of your public group content as part of Meta’s big focus on becoming more of a ‘discovery engine’ where people see recommended posts in their feed from sources they don’t follow already.

However, if you prefer to have more of a contained environment in your group, then you might consider changing it from public to private. ✅ Just know that your members (soon, followers!) will not be able to share any content outside the group. And you cannot revert back to public if you do switch to private. 🤔

So, it certainly seems there won’t be a whole lot of difference between public pages and public groups?!? 😳

Your thoughts?

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