Day Trips – September 2022

Burning Man Art – Reno, NV

If you live in the Reno area, or anywhere along the I-80 corridor, you’ve probably seen hundreds of dusty vehicles returning home from Burning Man. Due to its proximity to the Playa of the Black Rock Desert, the Truckee Meadows is a natural jumping-off point for the festivities.

If you’ve ever been curious about some of the art displayed at Burning Man, but you haven’t been able to get a ticket, or you just don’t want to deal with the dust, heat and hassle of attending, fear not, Reno has several pieces of art on display from the event.

In many ways, Reno has been a pioneer in adopting the art from the Playa, and serves as an example of how it can be incorporated into an urban environment.

The Reno Star Cosmic Thistle by Mark Szulgit

This is one of the most prominent examples of Burning Man art in Reno. This piece premiered at Burning Man in 2012, and is made from steel salvaged from a sculpture that was on display in front of the Reno Convention Center. This pointy sculpture is located at the intersection of South Virginia and McCarran, and can be easily seen from highway 395.

The Guardian of Eden – Kate Raudenbush

This steel sculpture of a lotus flower was on display at Burning Man in 2007 and was eventually purchased by the Nevada Museum of Art. It the first piece of Burning Man art ever to be part of a museum’s permanent collection. Currently this work is on display at Truckee Meadows Community College, while the NMA is undergoing an expansion project.

BELIEVE – Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton

BELIEVE and Space Whale – Reno City Plaza

This 12 foot tall sculpture was first displayed at Burning Man 2013. Shortly after, it was on display in the Reno Plaza to serve as a backdrop for an episode of American Idol that was shot in Reno. The city purchased the piece and made Believe in Reno the city’s slogan.

The Space Whale – Matthew Schultz

This colorful glass and steel representation of a whale was built at the Generator Maker’s Space in Sparks, and debuted at Burning Man in 2015. This piece is currently on display on the Reno Plaza, next to BELIEVE, and it is a temporary installation.

The Portal of Evolution – Bryan Tedrick

This sculpture was displayed at the 2009 Burning Man event. For years. it stood in the Reno City Plaza, until it was permanently installed at the Bicentennial Park in 2015. Located along the Truckee River, the spinning butterfly is a beautiful addition to the River Walk.

Squared – Charley Gadeken

This one is best viewed at night. This 50 foot LED light sculpture was at Burning Man in 2014. Currently it is on display at the Sands Casino in downtown Reno.

There are several other works of Burning Man art on display throughout the area. Many are on a temporary basis. For more information, visit:

For an in-depth look at the Art of Burning Man, and how it is transforming landscapes in Reno and around the country, this documentary offers a glimpse of the process.

Cave Rock – Lake Tahoe

Cave Rock is a must-see for those visiting the Lake Tahoe basin. Chances are you have driven through it, on Highway 50, along the lake’s eastern shore.

This unique rock formation, visible from most locations around the lake, is the remnant of a 5-million year-old volcanic vent. One thing that isn’t as readily visible from a vehicle are the caves from which the rock takes it’s name. Millions of years ago, Tahoe’s water level was hundreds of feet higher than today. The caves were carved by the action of waves beating against the formation.

Cave Rock has always been a sacred site for the Washoe people who once inhabited the region during the Summer months. They have held religious ceremonies within these caves.

Since the arrival of Euro-Americans in the mid 19th century, Cave Rock has been a difficult obstacle in traveling around the lake. In 1865, a roadway was constructed around the outside of the outcropping. The rocks that made up the foundation are still visible today. In 1931, the Nevada Highway Department blasted a tunnel through the rock, with a second tunnel added in 1957.

The best way to view Cave Rock is from a boat on the lake. But if you don’t have access to a boat, the next best thing is to visit the Cave Rock State Park. This park offers a two-lane boat ramp, picnic areas and a small beach. If you have a kayak or paddle board, it’s a great place to set-off. This is a great way to see this formation up close.

It is also a great place for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

The park is open from Sunrise to Sunset year-round. The cost is $15 per vehicle or $10 for Nevada residents.

For more information, visit:

The Union Restaurant – Oroville, CA

Union Restaurant – 2053 Montgomery St, Oroville, CA

Old town Oroville is a quaint step back in time. The city’s original commercial district has served the area’s needs for over 170 years. One newer addition to the city’s line-up of eateries is The Union Restaurant on Montgomery Street.

The building itself dates back to the 1850’s. The outdoor dining area was once the site of the Union Hotel, and it is where the restaurant takes its name. For a restaurant that embraces the local history, the menu isn’t stuck in the past.

Union Bacon Cheeseburger

The menu features California cuisine, using local ingredients that change with their seasonal availability. They have a full-service bar that serves up local craft beers, ciders and kombuchas. Their wine list has favored vintages from around the state, and of course they serve plenty of creative and refreshing cocktails.

Haute Hen Sandwich

Their lunch and dinner menus offer several gourmet gastropub delights such as their Whiskey Cherry Bomb Burger and Pan Seared Salmon. Their Sunday Brunch is a great way to top off the weekend.

For more information, visit:

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