8 Fall DIY Crafts to Welcome a hopefully “Cool” Fall Season

As we are wrapping up the end of this heat wave of a Summer, embrace the warm colors and coziness of the new season by settling in for a night of fall crafting. Here are some fun craft ideas that adults and kids can enjoy!

Falling Leaves

Beautifully bring the outdoors in by tying real or faux fall leaves onto fishing line. Attach the leaf streamers to the ceiling or light fixture above your dining table to recreate the effect of falling leaves.

Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Line the center of your table with a cheerful, autumnal apple arrangement. A long simple flower box stuns with the help of lush, overflowing foliage and ripened red apples.

Leaf Print Napkins

Leaf print napkins are a fun way to upcycle plain white napkins for fall. To make them, add a generous amount of fabric ink to the backside of a leaf, then stamp it onto the napkin. Use a dry iron to heat set the ink onto the napkin.

Leaf Soaps

Get the kiddos to help you whip up a batch of scented fall leaf soaps you can then use to freshen up the guest bath or package up as festive favors. All you will need is some Melt and Pour Soup Base, some liquid soap dye, Leaf Molds, and some cosmetic grade essential oils. First Melt your soap base in the microwave in 15 minute intervals till it becomes a liquid, add your soap dyes and essential oils and mix. Pour into your Leaf Molds and wait till they cool down in order to pop them out!

Wine Cork Pumpkin

Put your old corks to use with seasonal, DIY cork projects that all your friends will be asking about. With some hot glue, acrylic paint and a few basic art supplies, a fall-tastic pumpkin. All you will need for this one is a hot glue gun, roughly 40 corks, twine for the stem and a decorative ribbon. Wrap the twine around one of your larger corks and glue that one at the top of your pumpkin shaped cork and tie if off with a bow!

Wooden Post Pumpkins

With just a little help from a saw-savvy adult, kids can turn a 4×4 wooden post into a trio of colorful pumpkins you will proudly display year after year. You’ll need some 4×4 wooden post of different sizes, some orange paint, hot glue gun, more twine and decorative bow or pattern cloth for the leaves. Once the posts have been painted slowly help glue your twine in a spiral pattern to match a pumpkin stem and decorate around the steam with bows or leaves to give it that extra pumpkin feel!

Candy Corn Banner

Are you obsessed with this popular, yet-polarizing, Halloween candy? Deck your door in a banner of handcrafted candy corn pennants. All you need is a store-bought cardboard pennant banner, craft paint and wood beads to pull off this yellow, orange and white display.

Painted Farmhouse Pumpkins

Chalk-style paint and a gorgeous hand-painted cottagecore floral pattern add rustic texture to any boring old faux pumpkin for a display you can enjoy for years to come. You can use real pumpkins or fake pumpkins for this!

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