7 Enjoyable Craft Projects

Here are some fun craft projects that can help spice up your summer decorating around the house.

Mini Charcoal Grill Centerpiece

These creative and unique mini charcoal grill centerpieces are perfect for a camping party theme. Simply arrange melamine bowls in a trio for your table centerpiece, fill them with crushed charcoal, and top them with decorative food or signs.

Seriously one of the best summer crafts for DIYers who love to throw themed parties!

Gingham Style Sunglasses Case

Keep your sunglasses scratch-free and safe with this cute sunglasses case. You can use lining with coordinating or contrasting colors of your favorite fabrics and finish it off with an elastic opening to keep your sunnies inside.

So cute, right? Just in time for the summer sunshine!

Make Homemade Butterfly Feeders

Bring magical beauty to your yard with the help of these adorable butterfly feeders. To make these jar and plate butterfly feeders, you just need an acrylic plate, a glass jar, string, a wire plate holder, sugar, water, and a few other supplies and you’re on your way to attracting more butterflies to your yard.

Just make sure not to add too much sugar to the food mixture, it may dehydrate the butterflies

Make a Summer Set Up for Outdoor Dining

Take your dinner outdoors this summer and set up a nature-inspired design with nature itself. Put your table runner, plates, chargers, utensils, tray, linens, centerpieces, cocktail napkins, and some paper straws together to create a rustic tabletop.

This makes a great project for a cool summer night!

Flip Flop Summer Wreath

Welcome the summer season with this flip flop summer door sign. Simply place 7 colorful flip flops on a piece of cardboard.

Then, glue the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th slippers on the cardboard (make sure there is enough space between slippers to give room for other slippers). Next, glue remaining slippers on top of the spaces made by the first batch of slippers.

Spell out “Welcome” on the slippers. Embellish your door sign with some artificial flowers and butterflies.

Then, finish off with a ribbon, and then hang it on your door

Summer Fruit Trays

Make your next summer picnic more fun and exciting with these colorful summer fruit trays using standard table rounds and metal spoons for handles. Just make sure to seal your table rounds with acrylic coating after painting to make it nice and sturdy.

Sea Shell Candles

Take some deep and straight standing shells, fill them with melted wax, place wicks with holders into the bottoms and let them dry. You can pick up a block of wax and a bag of wicks at your local craft store. Also consider recycling some of your candles! The deeper the seashells the longer your seashell candles will burn.

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