10 Easy Fourth of July Decorations!

Don’t splurge on expensive store-bought Fourth of July decorations; decorating your home on a budget is easy, even if you don’t have a red or blue front door! Here are some easy, less time consuming and budget friendly DIYs to help decorate this holiday.

Patriotic Treat Tags

Turn ordinary picnic items into adorable Fourth of July decor with simple paper accents. We love the way these fun words and phrases turn ordinary ice cream cones into festive Fourth of July desserts. Simply print onto plain paper and cut to fit your ice cream cone, then secure with a small drop of glue.

Patriotic Paper Lanterns

Red, white, and blue paper lanterns become bubbly America-theme decorations over your dining table. Use a long piece of sturdy string and tie each of the lanterns onto it. Fold the string in half before hanging to create a layered look.

Starry Night Decorations

Give your lawn the star-spangled treatment for a 4th of July party. Focus the stars near the entrance to your yard for a dramatic welcome. To make, cut a star shape from a piece of cardboard, or buy a reusable star stencil . Place the stencil on the lawn and spray the grass lightly with water. Leaving the stencil in place, use a flour sifter to lightly fill the shape with flour. Remove the stencil and repeat. Use a spray bottle with colored water for extra points.

4th of July Buckets

Share your patriotic sentiments with guests by labeling oversize buckets with large vinyl letters or stickers. Fill the buckets with ice to keep beverages cool during a hot 4th of July barbecue, or use them to hold boxes of sparklers.

Flag Centerpiece

Make the flag the star of your 4th of July decorating with this easy outdoor centerpiece. Tuck an American flag around the edges of a clear glass vase. Then fill with your favorite red, white, and blue 4th of July flowers. A base of fresh, juicy fruit doubles as a serving platter and adds pretty color.

Mini Flag Banner

A simple flag banner is always a classic Fourth of July decoration, perfect for any style of gathering! Purchase or print out small paper flags, and use clips or clothespins to attach the flags to a long piece of twine or ribbon.

Paper Pinwheel Wreath

Make a bright and fun Fourth of July pinwheel wreath in just minutes! Make small paper pinwheels from double-sided scrapbook paper, then use glue to attach the pinwheels to an embroidery hoop. Hang the finished wreath on the front door, or use it as a festive piece of wall decor.

Fireworks Popcorn Bucket

Make a colorful container for carting treats to the fireworks display. Cover unused paint cans with red, white, and/or blue scrapbooking paper, and supply the kids with stickers and markers to personalize their cans. Line the inside of the can with a large plastic bag before filling with homemade snack mix or another easy finger-food.

Red, White and Blue Flowerpots

Add patriotic pops of color to your 4th of July bash. Fill painted pots with red, white, and blue summer flowers, and line them up on your front stoop or deck.

4th of July Napkin Ring

Upgrade your 4th of July summer dinner table with patriotic place settings. Attach one end of a 12-inch piece of festive striped ribbon to the flat side of a D ring; secure with glue. Layer a box of sparklers on top of a dinner napkin, and wrap with your ribbon loop.

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