4 Clever Ways to Clean Up Pet Hair Around Your House

Shot of beautiful young woman playing with her cute dog and cat while using mobile phone sitting on couch in living room at home.

For pet owners or friends of pet owners or someone who just like to have a clean house, here are 4 simple hacks to keep your home pet hair free!

For Peter owners, keeping pet hair at bay is an everyday struggle. With these simple hacks, cleaning up after your furry friends has never been easier, all the tools you will need are: nail file, duct tape, rubber glove, squeegee, paint roller and a spray bottle.

Nail File – A nail file makes quick work of pet hair that is stuck to felt chair pads, scraping down the sides will actually remove pet hair fairly quickly with such ease.

Rubber Gloves – Not only do they protect your hands when you’re washing dishes but they are perfect for picking up pet hair or hair in general. Most rubber gloves on fabric create this magnetic touch while when removing pet hair becomes an easy task.

Paint Roller and Tape – You can always buy a lint roller but then you would need to keep buying new ones as they run out. If you have a paint roller you can wrap duct tap to help lift pesky pet hair from your furniture, using everyday items at your disposal.

Squeegee – Vacuums won’t get all the pet hair from carpets and upholstered furniture so try this simple trick. Spritz a bit of water onto the furry surface. Take a squeegee and move it back and forth across the carpet or furniture. The rubber attached to it will loosen the embedded hair. Pick up the clumps of hair that accumulate and you’re done.

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