DIY Home Decor Trends for 2022

The DIY home decor is a perfect way of adding individuality to your interior design and shaping the personality of your house. It should be noted that originality is one of the 2022 trends. Therefore, a unique approach that refers to crafts will surely enhance your interior design and keep you up-to-date. 

As a starting point, we would like to encourage you in the following way: use your creativity as much as possible and remember that your only limit is your imagination. Of course, we will assist you in this sense by revealing the best DIY ideas for your home decor in 2022. Let’s find out how a little bit of creativity and some crafty hands can lead to gorgeous decorations to keep it original and stylish!

Metal planters for a new sparkle

This new type of planter implies a simple yet fascinating way of decorating your indoor plants. Whether it resembles gold or brass, it will add a new sparkle to your room. Furthermore, the geometric shapes will bring stability within the environment and serve as a point of interest.

Here is what you need to do: use gold-resembling or brass straws and stick them to each other in geometric shapes for a decorative frame to put on a table. Consider the same elements, add a wire to bring them together, and use the entire construction to hang the plants. Both variants will work perfectly for your living room or bedroom, particularly on a neutral background.

Concrete planters for a strong impact

This is another decorative element involving indoor plants. It is not a surprise as the 2022 trends tend to bring as much nature indoors as possible. This particular decoration will add a raw feature to your room to refresh and bring comfort to the environment.

Here is how you do that: mix cement with water and put the mixture in a plastic planter; let it dry; remove the container; fill the concrete planter with soil and plant your succulents. That’s right! As easy as that.

Bohemian decoration in three steps

The boho-chic tendency is among the 2022 trends, and a decoration of this style will surely update your interior design. Moreover, you do not have to spend a lot of money on that. Three elements + three steps, and your decoration is ready.

Consider the following points: find an appropriate wooden stick; use thread to hang some beautiful feathers; hang the construction on the wall. Additionally, you can use a twig and paint it with gold. The same goes for the feathers.

Bring in geometry

It is not a secret that geometric shapes are part of the 2022 trends. There is no easier way of integrating them into your interior design than opting for an accent wall that will interpret these particular forms.

Here is what you have to do: pick a neutral-colored background; sketch some geometric forms; paint them in various shades for a fascinating result. At the same time, you can stick only to black contouring to keep it simple. Such a DIY project will add a point of interest to your room and bring in vibrance. 

Original piece of art 

An original piece of art brings authenticity to any room. What would you say about a masterpiece on the wall signed by you? That’s right. Take the brush, and let’s get it started.

Here is what you have to do: pick some white plates of various sizes; mix in them some paint with water and let the shapes decide for themselves. As an alternative, you can opt for a more complex design. Let the plates dry and hang them on the wall in the dining room.

Nightstand alternative

Who said that you have to stick to particular standards? These trends are about creativity, and you can go as original as possible. A perfect idea in this sense is to consider a chair as a decorative element in your bedroom. Furthermore, it will also be practical since you can use it as a nightstand. Pretty easy, isn’t it? That’s not all. Consider painting it in any shade you want to enrich the environment with vibrance.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Bring a fairytale feeling into your room by opting for unusual frames for mirrors. The most simple yet interesting one is to decorate the mirror with rope and offer it texture. Particularly good is this idea for those who have simple mirrors and would like to breathe a new life into them.

Here is what you have to do: use glue to stick the sisal rope to the mirror. The result will be a new mirror with a unique frame that will shape the interior design and enrich the environment with a feeling of softness and natural beauty.

Between reality and art

Everybody needs a little bit of art in their life besides the reality of the daily routine. Why not bring this concept to your home decor? It may sound strange, but you have to start your piece of art and stop halfway. That’s right! Find a balance between two worlds.

This is how you do that: pick some pieces of art and half-paint them with any shade you want. Additionally, you can go further and do the same with the wall to enhance the effect. It will surely make a statement within your interior design.

A new look for a new purpose

All of us have books from school that we no longer need or old journals we kept for no reason. What would you say if we offered them a new look and even used them for a particular purpose? 

Consider the following steps: you will need a lot of white paint to cover your books or journals totally; let them dry; stick them to each other in an interesting way. Use the construction as a decorative element or as a nightstand. Additionally, you can stick other elements painted the same way. This interesting DIY project will shape the aesthetics of your room.

Linen accent lamp

Offer your table lamp a new look and shape the entire room decor. It will change the appearance of the lamp and the way it will reflect the light. It is a win-win option for a minimalist style if you want to keep it simple yet bring in a new sparkle.

Here is what you have to do: use linen of any shade and stick it to the lamp by forming ruffles. Of course, it takes time, but the result will speak for itself.

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