7 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Whether your taste in centerpieces is traditional or modern, formal or fuss-free, we’ve got you covered with our best DIY ideas for the star of your Thanksgiving table.

Seriously, what would a beautifully set Thanksgiving table be without the star of the show: the centerpiece?! Crafting one doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, keep reading for our best ideas for budget-friendly floral arrangements, flower-free Thanksgiving table decorations and even ideas for DIY centerpieces you can eat.

Beauty on a Budget – Can you believe this gorgeous centerpiece cost less than $20 to create?! For the cranberry-filled vase, we employed an easy trick: Place a smaller dollar-store glass cylinder inside a larger one, then pour fresh cranberries into the gap between the two vases. For the flowers, we mixed a few grocery-store blooms with dried millet and faux dill blooms. Silk and dried flowers can be used year after year, making them a great way to stretch your holiday decorating budget.

Put Large Vintage Pieces to Work – An old dough bowl or wood trencher makes a great low centerpiece when filled with seasonal pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and flowering branches.

Use Petite Antiques – Give new purpose to a small stoneware sugar bowl, that’s missing its lid, by using it as a low vase for flowers. Filled with seeded eucalyptus, chrysanthemums and pears — all picked up on a grocery run — it makes a pretty presentation in a small amount of space.

Decorate With Dessert – Try a fresh take on Thanksgiving’s traditional cornucopia by serving up healthy and not-so-healthy bite-size treats on a series of stacked servers. No need for guests to leave the table to grab dessert at the end of the feast, the perfect ending to their meal is within easy reach.

Petite with a Teapot – Incorporate family heirlooms by crafting a sweet centerpiece using an inherited (or thrifted) antique teapot, surrounded by other vintage finds, like this pair of porcelain quail. For a colorful display, we filled our teapot with seeded eucalyptus, fern fronds, large and small chrysanthemums and hypericum berries.

Make It Edible – A centerpiece you can eat? Yes, please! Make an edible bread cornucopia for your Thanksgiving table using refrigerated bread dough, aluminum foil and a single egg. Fill with sweet and savory nibbles for an impressive centerpiece that’ll keep your guests happily munching while they wait for dinner to begin.

Get a Little Help From the Kids – Get an assist from the kiddos to craft this easy focal point. Use our free template to cut leaf shapes from colorful card stock you can attach to bare branches gathered in the backyard. Before dinner, ask your guests to write what they’re most thankful for on the leaves or just leave them blank.

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