3 Hidden Hotspots for some Great Pie

When the leaves turn gold and the nights get crisp, one thing that sure to please is a nice slice of pie. With California’s abundant variety of locally grown produce, there are plenty of local pies available. For many, Apple Hill comes to mind. But here are a few hidden gems in our area.

Machado’s Orchards – Auburn

Machado Orchards

For those in the know, Machado’s is more than just a pie shop. They have been an outlet for farm-fresh local and regionally grown produce for decades. In true farm-to-fork fashion, they’re normally open from May through December, when nature’s bounty is at its peak.

Pie-lovers can rejoice, because Machado’s start serving up their pies as the fruits come into season. Cherry blossoms are a sure sign of Spring, and at Machado’s, California cherry pies are soon to follow.

While they don’t grow everything they sell, the do sell everything they grow. At Machado’s, peaches, figs and apples are their homegrown specialties. They are a good source for fresh-pressed, raw apple juice, usually beginning mid-September. If you’re looking to make some of your own hard apple cider, this is a good place to buy juice.

They are located at 100 Apple Lane, just off of Bowman Road in Auburn. To keep up to date on their latest offerings, visit their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/machadoapplebarn

Bangor Bake Shoppe – Bangor

A pleasant way to spend a fall day is a nice drive is in the oak covered, rolling foothills of southeast Butte County. This area is home to several small ranches, olive orchards and is a burgeoning wine-growing region. At the heart of the area lies Bangor, a historic community dating back to the mid-1800’s. The Bangor Bake Shoppe is owned and operated by a local Mennonite family, and has been serving the community since 2010.

There is a nice variety of baked goods available, including breads, rolls, pastries and fudge. And then there are the pies. These circles of goodness are an excellent way to take a nice slice of the countryside back to friends and family.

Although they don’t have a website, the Yelp reviews say it all. https://www.yelp.com/biz/bangor-bake-shoppe-bangor

Marshall’s Pasties – Grass Valley

Marshall’s Pasties – In the Green Building

Of course, not all pies are sweet. Savory pies are popular in many cuisines. In the UK, pasties (pronounced pah-stees) are a favored food. Originating from the Cornwall region of England, legend has it that these meat-pies were a mainstay of the Cornish miner’s lunch. Due to the nature of their work, their hands would be tainted with toxic mineral residue. When eating a pasty however, a miner could simply hold the pie by the seam, eat their pie and simply toss the piece of crust they held.

At Marshall’s Pasties in downtown Grass Valley, you won’t want to toss any part of the crust, it’s that good.

Because they are made in small batches they do run out!
Take a pasty to the Empire Mine State Park

Downtown Grass Valley is a fun way to spend an Autumn day. This historic old-town is home to dozens of boutique shops and eateries. If you are in the mood for a quick bite, Marshall’s is worth a visit. Located on Mill Street, next to Del Oro Theater, this hole-in-the-wall eatery only has two tables, but these pockets of joy are easily transportable to devour where ever you choose.

If you try one, you’ll want another. Perhaps the best way to enjoy them is to take some home. These pies can stay refrigerated for a week, and they can be frozen for longer. They can be microwave-ready in a few minutes, but if warmed in an oven, the crust remains flaky.

For more information on Marshall’s visit: www.facebook.com/Marshalls-Pasties-109307695775916

Article Written by Jeremy Dunn- Select Group Videographer

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