5 Pro Tips for Movers From a Realtor Who Has Helped Countless Families Make Their Next Move

With an average of nearly one dozen moves during life, most Americans have a fair amount of experience packing up and settling in again. Now, imagine how many moving-related tips and tricks a us Realtors learn while watching clients move every week: I’m talking expert-level status when it comes to making a smooth transition from home to home.

While helping countless clients buy and sell homes, we learn a full set of pro tips for moving—whether someone is relocating from across the country or just from around the corner.

As a real estate agent, I guide my clients through small, manageable steps I see a variety of reasons people move and my goal is always to be an asset to the transaction and make the process smooth.”

Here are My top suggestions for moving:

For Full Control Over Your Timeline and Budget, Go DIY

Recognize that moving is a chance for many sellers to cash in on their equity. To keep as much of those earnings in their pockets as possible, going the DIY route by packing, loading, and driving to the new destination is a great choice.

Prep for the Move Before Listing the Home

As soon as the idea of moving even crosses someone’s mind, it’s wise to get a jump-start on the sorting and decluttering process. Even if plans change, most of us always have items to sell, donate, or toss. Then, right before putting a home on the market, she tells clients to pack away anything they won’t need for the next three months.

I like a house to have a little personalization, but not stuffed with all seasons of clothes and decor, this is a good way to accentuate a home’s square footage. Most buyers are looking for a new house in order to gain more space.

And while you’re already taking stock of what is and isn’t making the move, it’s the perfect chance to let Penske help you determine what size truck you need. It’s a simple way to get a customized recommendation based on the items you’re planning to move.

Incorporate Breaks

Because moving can feel like a bit of a marathon process, I encourage taking breaks when possible. Fortunately, one of the perks of DIY moving is the ability to define your own timeline. I recommend getting a moving truck for several days, Load what you can, as you can. Chances are, the first boxes in are things you can live without, and the last boxes are things you can’t.

Working with clients who are new to the area also gives me a chance to play tour guide—and help them find time to relax on move-in day. From recommending the best ice cream spot in the downtown to pointing out a favorite local coffee shop in one of the small towns that encompass the area, I love helping clients get a sense that their home is part of a wonderful community, not just a place to sleep.

Get Creative with Finding Moving Help

Even DIY-style moves don’t have to mean truly doing it all by yourself.

Whether you’ve had to or never used professional movers, pizza and drinks have power. Some people may also reach out to the local fire department to find some off duty firefighters willing to load heavy items for some extra cash.

Take Time to Celebrate

In the chaos of moving, it can be easy to neglect the opportunity to celebrate. By giving my clients personalized closing gifts I hope to remind clients to appreciate the transition.

A new house is always an exciting new chapter. It’s where the best moments happen—the ordinary days that add up to make a house a home and the extraordinary days that will hold fast in our memories. It doesn’t matter the budget, a home is a financial investment that hopefully builds wealth, but it is also the place that best reflects our character and passions.  Best of all, I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

I would love to talk to you about our moving concierge program, when you’re ready for your next move be sure to contact me.

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