Jeremy Dunn – Select Group Videographer

A unique aspect of living here in the West is water conservation. High efficiency appliances afford us the ability to use less water and energy indoors. However, maintaining curb-appeal during a dry-season can be a challenge. Fortunately, by incorporating elements of Xeriscaping, your yard can look great year-round, while needing less moisture.

Xeriscaping, simply put, is water-wise landscaping. It can be achieved by using tolerant plants as well as soil, wood, mulch, and rocks to replace thirsty lawns.

We are all used to the look and appeal of a lush lawn. For generations it has been the default low-maintenance landscaping of choice. Turf requires a significant amount of work. In addition to regular watering, fertilizing and mowing, it needs periodic thatching and aeration. Having an even, green lawn can be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor.

Xeriscaping allows us to transform our yards into individual expressions of creativity, beyond what a lawn can afford. Whether you prefer a contemporary minimalist look, or ornate, intricate detailing, either can be achieved with some imagination.

Gravel and cactus are not the only way to conserve water outdoors. Flagstone pathways, wooden decking and raised planter boxes can replace the footprint of a lawn. Rocks and pebbles can be transformed into works of art. There is a wide variety of ornamental plants and grasses that can provide an elegant look. Installing drip lines is another way to save water by delivering precise, efficient irrigation to your garden.

If considering a change, consult with your HOA or your zoning agencies beforehand. Often, they can provide guidelines and suggestions as to what works best in your area. Some communities even offer incentives as well. It is wise to do some research.

Converting to water-wise landscaping can be an expensive proposition. However, the savings realized through lower water bills and maintenance costs can make it pay off over time. A well-presented, water-efficient yard can add value to your home as well.

Many landscape professionals are well-versed in Xeriscaping. They can be a valuable resource in planning and transforming your property. Even if you prefer the DIY approach, many garden centers and home improvement stores carry everything you will need to complete the project. Either way, there is a plethora of information available to spark your imagination.

No one enjoys watching their lawn turn brown when watering restrictions are implemented. With Xeriscaping you don’t have to. With all the options available, the hardest part of water-wise landscaping can be in the choosing.

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