Making Sure You Bring Summer Into Your Home, DIY-Style

With the onset of summer finally here, it’s time to start addressing long-awaited projects around the home, many of which have to do with taking advantage of the sunshine as much as possible!

Small townhouse perennial summer garden. Also available in vertical.

With a DIY spirit in mind, we’ve compiled a few projects that are easily accomplished, and totally useful when it comes to summertime fun at home.

Many of the best projects all have a few things in common, no matter the skill level required: they’re fun, modular, and just challenging enough to keep things interesting. One of the biggest roadblocks to creating the perfect summer-ized outdoor space is too much clutter, but the projects below take care of that. Read on for a list of summertime hacks that use simple home improvement skills to create a backyard oasis for the season.

Build a Summertime Tree Bench

If you have a few 2x4s, a hammer (or better yet a drill), and a level, there is no reason you shouldn’t be building benches over the summer. Building a summertime tree bench in your yard is a fun way to teach the kids how to use tools.

There’s also no better way to connect with your family than being able to turn a summertime project into a memory that will last for years. A solid tree bench makes for great backyard seating and becomes immediately useful, allowing you to spend more time outdoors this summer.

Build a Modular Bar and Grill Station

Your average cart on wheels tends to have a sturdy surface with some cabinet space underneath. If you’re lucky, the cart might even able to store a cooler or have a magnetic tool strip or a tool rack where you can keep your barbecuing utensils.

While this might seem like a small project, you’d be surprised at how many uses a modular kitchen cart has in both outdoor and indoor spaces. When you’re spending more than a couple of nights each week on the grill, you’ll be happy to have the extra surface to work on.

Make Safe, Colored Fire With Pinecones

While a fire built from pinecones doesn’t necessarily compare to a real fireworks display, it never hurts to have a little more light in your life once the summer sun goes down, and you’re not ready to go back indoors. If you want to add a little color to your fire, throw a few colored pinecones into your backyard fire pit and watch the flames transform into rainbow magic.

Just be very careful about using other chemicals, as many products will emit toxic fumes when ignited.

Get Planters Ready for More Sunshine

Tomatoes, sunflowers, basil, and mint all love the warm summer sun, so planting a veggie and herb garden means that you and your family can enjoy the fruits of your labor, quite literally! Planters can be made with almost anything – if you have spare pallets lying around, for example, these can make some of the sturdiest planters for your garden.

One thing to pay extra attention to when building your garden planters is how much sunlight your future crops will be getting, based on where you locate the garden beds. But you can find plenty of helpful guides specifically for tackling this aspect of backyard (or front yard) gardening

Build a Working Fire Pit for Entertaining

Before you begin building a backyard fire pit, make sure you’re aware of your state or county’s regulations on open fires. If you’re free to build one on your property, you’ll quickly learn that nothing compares to kicking back in front of a roaring fire as the crickets start chirping in the summer.

Remember to keep in mind that it is very important to dig the pit deep, and to build a sturdy wall with something easily available and easy to work with, like stone. Check out this article on and you’ll see just how easy it is to build your own backyard fire pit.

Build a New Outdoor Deck in the Backyard

Building a deck has long been the quintessential summer project; just don’t feel like you need to push yourself too hard to finish the project all in one go! Building a deck isn’t as hard as it sounds; it just takes time and careful planning.

When it’s done the right way (no matter how long it takes), you’ll have a cozy, special outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining, so you can enjoy the warm summer nights with family and friends. Check out this handy guide on what to consider before you begin building your own backyard deck.

Light Up Your Summer Nights

Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean you have to bring the party indoors this summer. In fact, illuminating the yard with strings of lights hung from trees, rooflines, or fence posts will create a space you probably won’t be eager to leave.

Further, by using LED light strings, you’ll be adding a level of energy efficiency that won’t drive up your power bills an unsettling degree during the hot summer months.

Summer-izing Your Home With These DIY Projects Celebrates the Season

Always keep in mind that with any project, a few extra sets of hands goes a long way, and many of the projects in this article can involve the whole family. Home improvement projects take a little elbow grease and planning, but slowing down and making careful choices will ultimately make everything easier.

Take your time and enjoy the sun, completing summertime projects that will bring your family closer together.


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