Projects to Tackle Over Memorial Day Weekend

backyard pinwheel decoration
Here are 50+ things that you can most definitely conquer this holiday weekend (and still have time to picnic like it’s your job).

My springtime project list has reached an epic length. Maybe you can relate. I always find myself most enthused about home improvement in the springtime, those few weeks squeezed between winter hibernation and “OMG-it’s-so-hot-I’m-never-moving-again.” Memorial Day weekend is kind of the best time to get cracking on those projects for many reasons (3-days at home, hardware store sales, getting your home dressed to impress for a busy summer).

  • Pressure wash the exterior of your home
  • Clean screens (or repair them!)
  • Refresh the edging of your garden beds and make some friendly pinwheels, like those shown above stain an existing fence
  • Plant container garden annuals
  • Clean the grill (and stock up for summer with an extra propane tank or charcoal – look for charcoal deals at stores)
  • Paint all of the things you’ve been putting off (paint is often on sale Memorial Day weekend too)
  • Swap your storm door glass panes for screens build yourself a tiki bar
  • Install new house numbers
  • Build a sandbox
  • Chop wood, learn how to store and season it, and build a firewood storage container
  • Plant flowering bulbs–yes, planting bulbs in the spring!
  • Clean and repair the gutters (and clean the downspouts, those get clogged too)
  • Hook up a new garden hose
  • Cut a Swedish torch for the ultimate campfire experience
  • Replace the doorbell
  • Screen in your porch
  • Build and install a bat house
  • Embrace your boho side and redecorate your patio
  • Make a tripod trellis from PVC pipes for your garden
  • Create shade for your deck or patio
  • Upgrade your entryway lighting (we love this sconce!)
  • Mulch. Learn which product might be best for your landscape.
  • Stain the deck
  • Refinish your garage floor
  • Build a fire pit
  • Make an outdoor swing for the kids (or learn how to hang a tire swing in a tree)
  • Reglaze window panes
  • Build a garbage can screen

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