Videography in Real Estate

Perhaps I’m biased, but as a videographer I think video is an excellent marketing tool. While that seems to be stating the obvious, it is often overlooked as an outreach opportunity. We are fortunate to have a plethora of resources available. No listing would be complete without good looking photos. Virtual tours allow prospective buyers to get a 360° view of properties. Those are good ways to generate interest. Video provides a way to get customers excited. Video allows you to “sell the sizzle” and not just the steak. Video doesn’t replace a walkthrough, it builds anticipation.

Photos allow prospective buyers to familiarize themselves with a property, but video allows you to form the narrative. With video, you can point out important features that might get glossed over. With proper music and narration, you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a lifestyle.

Not every listing need video, especially in a hot market, but a select video portfolio can attract sellers. When looking for an agent to list their property, you can assure you’re clients that you will go above and beyond to ensure a successful sale.

With limited inventory, it’s important to reassure those considering “right-sizing” their home, that they are making the right choice. It can be difficult to leave behind a lifetime of memories. Offering the client a copy of the video as a memento can be a thoughtful way to help influence their decision. Having worked with many homeowners to create video, I’ve found that providing them a DVD has always been appreciated.

As a new member of the Select Group Marketing team, I am proud and excited to be working with such a strong organization. I look forward to helping you succeed in providing excellence.

Jeremy Dunn – Select Group Videographer

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