Success Tips for Our Real Estate Agents in 2022

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As the world faces a new normal in 2022, you will all have different opportunities and challenges. While some things remain the same, others changed to accommodate quarantining and social distancing. Learn smart tips for success for as you embark on your real estate careers during changing times.

Focus on Digital Marketing
With many people still working remotely and social distancing, most buyers search for homes online. New real estate agents need to know digital marketing to succeed. Use your SNAP portal to gain access to all our latest tools and especially the Marketing Catalog in which you can find stunning pieces to send to your sphere to remain top-of-mind. Search engine optimization is crucial to showcase listings and attract new clients. Add high traffic, low competition keywords to descriptions, articles, titles, images, video, and metadata. Start a blog to provide updates about properties and local market conditions. When buyers are ready to take action, they remember agents who reached out and were valued resources during their search.

Hone Social Media Profiles
The real estate market is officially online. What used to be an industry that depended on cold calling and traditional marketing, is now an industry that relies heavily on social media marketing. If you’re a realtor, you understand how big of an impact social media has on building trust in your client base. Social media is a major lead generator for real estate businesses, yet most real estate brands fail to maximize their efficiency online. It’s a good idea to separate business and professional profiles to avoid overwhelming your friends with professional content. Be consistent and utilize a content calendar to continue to build and grow your business following and remember to always reward your followers with valuable content.

Learn Professional Imagery
During a new normal, many sellers are concerned about showing their homes. Buyers are also reluctant to visit properties until they are sure they meet their criteria. You can learn photography and provide quality images and video for your virtual tours. Get in touch with your marketing specialist Hunter Royal and learn how to post live tours of new homes on sites such as Facebook Live. You can also showcase large properties with aerial photography using a drone. Perhaps even do a little videography. Need some help with video editing? Select Marketing has you covered! Send us your video and we’ll make it look so professional it can be featured in Hollywood!

Develop a Personal Brand
One of the first steps as a new agent is defining your brand. What target market do you want to reach? How do you intend to create opportunities with this target audience? You need to have a distinctive voice and approach to stand out from the competition. From first-time homebuyers to luxury investors, choose a niche, and go after it by posting content to answer their questions. Join our Facebook Select United group, check out our My Select Life blog, and engage with your fellow Select agents to determine what people want to know. Take advantage of our Select Group marketing tools to create content to provide useful information and become a leader in the niche.

Focus on the Sphere of Influence
Often times a new real estate agent’s first clients comes from their personal sphere of influence. Similar to networking, you want to reach out to people such as friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and associates. When starting out, make sure to also market yourself to your sphere of influence so they can continue to reach out and network within their spheres. Reaching out with business cards, social posts, and making a few calls whether it’s on the phone or Zoom can really benefit you when starting out.

Create a Business Plan
The most successful new agents start with a business plan. We will help you outline a plan for 2022 and steps toward achieving or exceeding your goals. Your Branch Leader can help you define those goals, and ways to achieve them. Create a budget for marketing, technology, and other necessities to get the job done right. It often takes a few months to earn commission as a new agent, so have savings on-hand or consider a side hustle to cover costs until the money comes in.

Prepare to Hustle
Two of the most significant benefits of being an agent are flexible hours and the ability to write your own paycheck. However, it takes time to enjoy these advantages. As a “beginner” Real Estate agent you have to hustle, often working nights and weekends to connect with your new clients. When people are ready to show or view homes, being on the scene is crucial when agents first start working. Being accessible will help you create the network they need to be profitable and productive for years to come.

Forge Forward Fearlessly
Fear is part of the new normal, as people slowly emerge to resume their lives. All new agents must know the protocols for showing homes and interacting with clients. Have hand sanitizer, masks, and cleaning supplies ready for action at all times. Encourage people to use them to view available homes without anxiety. Confident agents who know how to handle all situations makes buyers and sellers feel comfortable to take action.

As everyone wonders what 2022 will bring, our Select new real estate agents have opportunities to connect with clients in a meaningful way. Learning how to handle the new normal can help new agents create names and brands for themselves. Use these tips for success to have the career of a lifetime!

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  1. What a difference in the C21 marketing department now and what you’re doing . Frankly, There is no comparison with the marketing department of previous years. Thank you for what you’re doing!!
    Edda Nix


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