Agent Spotlight – Derek Kirk

First and foremost, Derek would like to thank God for everything that he has blessed him with throughout his life. Without him, none of this would have been possible.

Derek’s father was an international banker, which meant moving every 2-3 years after his father’s job was finished and meant he would be off to a new destination. Derek lived in Asia most of his young life up until high school, in addition to a few places in the US. He was born in Calcutta, India and traveled a lot during his younger years. Derek has lived in Jakarta -Indonesia, Manila- Philippines, Ontario, Canada, Morristown- New Jersey, Wilmette IL and Guam, to name a few places.

Derek went to international schools and, when living in Manila learned Tagalog and was fluent. At a young age, he got his first taste of negotiating from his mom, who would take his brother and him shopping with her and would barter as that’s what they did. He believes that was his first sign of getting into a real estate career. Lol.

Living in these various countries opened his eyes to a lot of good and bad. He saw many impoverished areas with cardboard housing next door to his house, beggars, living on dirt roads that would get washed away during the rainstorms etc. This really made Derek appreciate the things he had.

He loves sports and is very active in pretty much anything outdoors. Derek started playing softball when he was about 15 years old living in Canada and still plays till this day at the age of 54. Outside of softball he likes to hike, fish, camp, workout, and spend time working in his yard and with his family.

He has been with his beautiful girlfriend Karoline for 8 years now and they live in Morgan Creek in Roseville and attend Destiny Christian Church together in Rocklin.

Derek wanted to add that life is full of choices. He believes that he’s been able to balance out his personal life and professional life in a way that works well for him. As his kids were growing up, he decided it was more important to spend time with them and make good memories so, even though real estate was important to him it wasn’t as important as the memories being made. Now that his kids are grown and just about out of school, he has found a lot more time on his hands and real estate has been there to pave the way forward. Derek’s been selling for 26 years now and can honestly say he’s probably one of a small group that really LOVES what they do and look forward to going to work every day. He’s not here just because of the paycheck, although he did admit that is nice, but he loves what he does and loves making and building relationships with people.

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  1. Its wonderful working side by side with you Derek, thank you being a great leader and true inspiration to be the best!


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