About Your About Me

Josh Pearson | Digital Media/CRM Specialist

What would you want your first impression to be when someone finds you online? Your About Me on your SNAP website should be the most polished piece of your online introduction, and here I will show you how to achieve that.

Visual, You, About You. Why does this layout work? Firstly, starting your bio with a visual is an easy way to create a nice pleasant introduction for the eyes of your audience, easing them into a section of reading. Like a visually pleasing book cover, this helps your audience get a glimpse into what they might be reading.

Start with a visual of your Region. This can mean a Panorama of Lake Tahoe, the Tower Bridge of Sacramento, or a stunning city-scape of Reno; something that tells the audience about where you service.

Begin with your Name, Title (or slogan), and your Serviced Area. You want your name instantly associated with you being a Realtor as well as where you can help find or sell a home.

Bio nice and readable. There are guidelines that should be followed when laying out your Bio. First, 12pt-14pt font size (depending on length of the Bio) and break up the text into easy to read chunks. You can’t assume that everyone coming to your site has great eyesight. Don’t make someone have to put Readers on just to read your Bio.

Use Bullet Points. You can talk about all of your achievements in your bio, or just bullet point them to make it faster and easier for someone to follow. When it comes to achievements, these don’t have to be just Real Estate related. Did you volunteer for a non-profit, help with a charity, win biggest pumpkin in the 2017 Harvest Festival, include it all! All of these show you are a human, a person who is involved in the community and cares about people.

Make a Bio Video! I know it can be intimidating to be on video, but I believe in you! Having a quick 30 second video of you introducing yourself and speaking about some key points will be effective, but above all, talking about how much you enjoy helping families find their Dream Home will create an instant connection between you and your audience. It’s easy for someone to read about you, but to be able to see and hear your voice creates a much greater amount of trust as a Realtor. Your video should of course be good, but it doesn’t have to be Steven Spielberg quality, a video from your phone will do just fine.

You have all the tools for your success, you just have to go out and use them.

If you ever need any assistance with your websites, feel free to reach out to josh.pearson@selectgroupre.com

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