Are you considering a Beach Entry Pool?

Let’s weigh the PROS & CONS! 

Whether you are thinking of upgrading your pool or wanting to add a beach pool, this new trend is something to consider. 

Beach entry pools are also referred to as zero-entry pools, and they have many fans. Some love them for their stunning looks, some for ease of entry, and others like having a faux beach scene in their backyard. Whatever may be here are both the positives and negatives to this new trend.

What makes a Beach Entry Pool different? 

Beach or Zero entry pools have one or more gradually sloping sides transitioning from land to water. According to the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, slopes must be a 1:7 ratio, meaning the pool can have no more than one foot in depth for every seven-feet distance. Beach entry pools are built into existing or new in-ground concrete pools; however, you can opt for a less expensive fiberglass option.

This type of pool can mean no steps, although it doesn’t have to exclude them. Some beach or zero-entry pools slope gradually until about halfway into your descent, where underwater steps can help you down or drop-off shelf into deeper water. The overall goal is to create an actual beach. For those seeking more extravagant effects, you can add sand, waterfalls, Baja shelf, bubblers, grottos, and other natural rock elements. 


Let’s face it a beach or zero-entry pools are not just good looking they’re attractive. So much so, several homeowners go wild for this style. Beach entry is great for kids, the older generations, and those with disabilities. The gradual entry allows for a more natural transition, no need to mess with steps or ladders. With pool waters being more shallow in the entrance of your beach pool, it allows the water to warm and makes for a perfect spot to relax and sunbathe without being completely immersed in water.


Beach entry pools are not right for everyone. If cost is no option, this is not a valid con for you. However, they can be extremely costly even without added extravagant effects. The other major factor is their aren’t many pool contractors who can design and install beach entry pools, and due to this, they’re likely charging a premium. 

A possible con is whether or not you have enough room in your backyard. Beach entry pools require much more space than a regular in-ground pool because of the gradual slope into the inner pool. If your backyard doesn’t have much space to spare, it might not be the best option. 

If you want to use your backyard pool for exercise purposes, a beach entry can be a disadvantage as you cannot easily swim laps because of the sloping sides.

Lastly, if you live in a rural area, wildlife may be drawn to the beach entry, wading, swimming, or using your pool as a drinking hole, maybe even a leaving little floater.  

Ready to take the plunge? 

If the PROS outweigh the CONS, then a beach entry pool may be the perfect option for you and your family, or maybe you need a new home with a larger backyard to include one of these beautiful pools. 

Whatever it may be, pool recommendations or a list of current homes for sale. Please know I am here for you, call, text, or email me and let’s connect! 

Check out our Pinterest board for Beach Entry Pool inspiration

Be well. Stay Healthy & Safe! 

4 Comments on Are you considering a Beach Entry Pool?

  1. Great bloog you have


  2. What company installs beach pools in northeast Ohio? I would like to start planning for one of these in the next couple of years. Thank you!


  3. Barry Walker // April 8, 2022 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    Am building a home hanging over a 350 ft cliff over the Cumberland river outside nashville with a beach style pool & a glass infinity wall facing the river . I purchased two interstate bridges.I have alot of have 80 ft long 3 ft tall for scrap price . Its of a cliff & its out of bridge steel . So I call it , ( THE CLIFF-BRIDGE HOUSE ). What kind of support to build a pool out of concrete & steel ? ,


  4. Où peut on acheter la membrane?


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