CB-Can You Sell Your Home During COVID-19?

As we move into summer with many areas start to reopen, some continuing to experience a high volume of new COVID-19 cases. It’s hard to know if now is the best time to consider selling your home? Whether you’re curious about the timing of a sale or want to know more about the new health and safety elements in place.

Selling your home is based on several key factors, particularly concerning your family’s health and financial situation. But to answer the looming question, YES, you can still sell a home in our current coronavirus pandemic world as many of our areas are beginning to reopen and now may be a perfect time.

Three key factors are making now an excellent time to consider listing your home. (1) There is a significant lack of homes on the market (2) High buyer demand and (3) historically low-interest rates. Selling will be profitable and quick often within days or hours in some cases.

Selling your home during this pandemic looks different than the traditional home-selling process. The new “no-touch” process features virtual and online elements. Coupled with extra precautions, no overlapping showings, no children in the house, masks on at all times, and sanitize hands at the door before entry. The goal is for fewer surfaces to be touch, its highly recommended for all lights and doors to be open, including closets.

The simple fact is people need to move, pandemic, or no pandemic. If you are interested in reviewing your options, let me know, I can prepare a detailed market statistics report for you to understand better how the market is performing for your area. Call, text or email let’s chat!

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