10 Father’s Day Gifts Every Grill-Obsessed Dad Will Love

These gifts are smokin’. Check out some of the best gifts to get for your grill loving dad.

1. Corkcicle Beer Chillsner

Because an ice-cold beer by the grill doesn’t stay ice cold for long. These frozen Corkcicle Chillsners will keep Dad’s drink cool without watering down his beer. Genius!

2. Craft Beer BBQ Gift Set

Every griller needs a collection of BBQ sauces on deck. This Williams Sonoma set combines dad’s other love–craft beer–into three spreads: a Pale Ale, a Pilsner, and a Dark Lager.

3. Personalized Grilling Apron

Personalized gifts add a little something extra; you can customize this one to say whatever you want, or just swap out the name if you prefer. Bonus: It has tons of cool built-in accessories, like a handy bottle opener and insulated pockets.

4. Wireless Grill Thermometer

This ThermoPro Wireless Digital helps Dad monitor beef, poultry,  pork, lamb, or fish from up to 300 feet away—so he doesn’t have to keep going in and out during the game.

5. KitchenAid Dual Sided Meat Tenderizer

KitchenAid’s classic meat tenderizer is a must-have for any grilling pro. Its textured surface makes it usable for a variety of cuts of meat and the aluminum handle keeps it sturdy but not overly heavy.

6. The BBQ Box

The dad who loves experimenting with new barbecue flavors needs Taste Trunk’s Barbecue Subscription. Each box features small-batch rubs, sauces, oils, and spices to bring his grilling game to the next level.

7. The Barbecue Bible

Steven Raichlen’s The Barbecue! Bible is still considered one of the best books about grilling, even after almost 20 years. Add it to Dad’s library to take him from a grilling enthusiast to a legit grill master.

8. 5-in-1 BBQ Grill Brush Scraper

Clean-up after a grilling sesh is a lot smoother with a premium grill brush, like this heavy duty 5-in-1 tool—an essential in every griller’s arsenal.

9. Stainless Steel Smoker Box

If Dad has a gas grill but loves the smokiness from charcoal (who doesn’t?), this Weber Smoker Box lets him easily infuse that smoky flavor in his cooking.

10. BBQ Grilling Gloves

Nothing ruins Dad’s favorite activity faster than a burn, so help protect his hands with these comfortable yet sturdy heat-resistant gloves.

Source: www.delish.com

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