Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Have you been thinking about selling your home? Moving to a larger space or even scaling down, there are many things you can do around the house to get a jump on preparing your home for sale, and even if you aren’t thinking about selling, it’s still good to keep busy and refresh your home.

Organize: It’s a perfect time to go through and clean out closets, kitchen cupboards, and garages. Throw out or give away items you dont use and create spaces for the items you want to keep.

Declutter: Part of organizing is decluttering, especially high traffic areas that tend to collect a variety of items. Access gallery walls and consider reducing or replacing artwork.

Deep Clean: Going beyond the everyday clean is essential during this unprecedented time. Disinfect all door handles, light fixtures, countertops, high traffic area walls, and lampshades. Think about the areas that you tend to put off like baseboards, fan blades, blinds, and windows.

Evaluate lighting: Think about updating outdated lighting, fixtures, and swapping out lightbulbs can instantly change any space to be more welcoming.

Freshen paint: Touching up interior paint is an excellent way to energize your space. Consider exterior paint to update your front door, patio, garage door, and even your home its self.

Look to your yard: Sweep, power wash decks and patios. Lawns could use fertilizer, seed patch areas, pull weeds, plant colorful flowers. Check patio furniture and decor, repairs and paint may be needed. Re-fabric or replace cushions and update throw pillows.

Keeping your self busy by doing home DIY projects, cleaning, and organizing are all wins if you’re thinking of making a move.

It is an unprecedented time, and although it feels like our life is on a temporary hold, your real estate plans don’t have to be. We open and have many virtual elements in place to help you stay healthy and safe during the home buying or selling process. With historically low mortgage rates and property inventory it could be the perfect time to consider a move,  please contact me today to explore your options.

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