Easter Gnomes Are the Newest Decorating Craze

By Samantha Jones

You’ve heard of Christmas gnomes, but did you know there are Easter gnomes, too?

When it comes to Easter decorations, it seems fluffy rabbits, tulip wreaths, and dyed eggs run the gamut. This year, we’ve picked up on a different trend: Easter gnomes. Yes, the little bearded figurines you may have seen hiding out in the neighbor’s garden have found their way into spring home decor. And we’re not the only ones who have noticed; according to Google Trends, searches for Easter gnomes have increased 92% over the past four years.

Last winter, Christmas gnomes became a miniature addition to our holiday decorations in the form of adorable plush statues, tree ornaments, and even cookie jars. Now, we’re seeing the little figurines dressed in pastel colors, rabbit ears, and fluffy cottontails just in time for spring. 

Historically, gnomes (known as nisse in Norway) originated from Scandinavian folklore. The nisse is a small, bearded nature spirit in charge of caring for farmers and their families. While more directly connected to the Christmas season, these little bearded pixies have become a symbol of good luck, and simply having one in your home is believed to bring cleanliness and prosperity.

Now that we know these festive figures exist, we’ll be displaying these Easter gnomes all over the house this spring. 

two plush Easter gnomes

At 11 inches tall and made from fleece, faux fur and knitwear, these plush gnomes will make a colorful statement in your Easter decorations. Pick your favorite (a yellow gnome holding a flower, or a green gnome holding a red heart) to steal the show all springtime long.

stone pastel easter gnomes

This set of three figurines combines the Easter decorating trend with the classic pastel hues associated with the holiday. Display them on your shelf or at the table for Easter dinner to add seasonal charm. Each figurine is five inches tall, made of resin stone with pastel finish, and topped with a colorful bow on top of their hats. Plus, they come with free shipping!

pink and grey Easter gnome figures

These handmade gnomes celebrate Easter in subtle hues. At just a couple inches tall (between 5 and 7 inches) with a large cottontail on the back, they’ll fit right in with your existing spring decorations. As one reviewer said, “[I] wanted to give as gifts but my husband talked me into keeping all three. They are just THAT cute together!” Plus, these gnomes ship free to addresses in the U.S., so you have even more excuses to keep a couple for yourself.

three easter gnomes

Kids will love this set of colorful gnomes. Each figure is 10 and a half inches tall from ears to base, making them an adorable addition to any Easter basket. The base of the gnome is weighted, so they can sit on a shelf or other surface without tipping over.

set of plush easter gnomes

The pointy rabbit ears on these tiny Easter gnomes are too cute not to display all season. Made of fleece and synthetic fur, each gnome stands at either 6 to 7 inches tall for a small, or 9 to 10 inches for a medium. Choose between beige, orange, or green-colored gnomes to match the rest of your Easter decorations.

Source: www.bhg.com

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