10 Trending Design Fads for 2020

Kitchens and bathrooms may see some big makeovers in 2020. Houzz, the popular home remodeling website, offered its predictions of 10 home design trends that they expect to gain attention this year.

1. Wood cabinets amid painted cabinets

Photo by Kasia Fiszer Photography

White kitchen cabinets are still the most popular, with more than 40% of renovating homeowners installing them, according to Houzz research. However, more designers are looking to add visual interest and warmth by breaking up the white expanse with wood drawers, shelves, and pullouts.

2. Dining rooms with personality

Photo by Kristin Laing

The dining room is often the spot for social celebrations and gatherings for special occasions, and the space is getting special treatment with bolder design. More personality through color, pattern, and lighting are livening up the dining room’s look, Houzz says. Homeowners are feeling freed from having to conform their dining room to fit the style of the rest of the home and are looking to make a unique statement.

3. Extra seating in the bathroom

Photo by Margot Hartford Photography

More benches are being added to the bathroom, whether they’re meant for brushing teeth, taking off house slippers, or just idling away on the internet. Houzz reports an uptick in bathroom seating options such as built-in benches or ottomans.

4. Tiled bathtub aprons

Photo by Jessica Cain

Tile is known as being an affordable material that can add some pizzazz to a bathroom. More homeowners and designers are wrapping the tub apron in tile or another material such as wood. For a minimal investment, the extra tiling accent can make a big difference, Houzz designers says.

5. Softly colored kitchens.

Photo by Margaret Wright Photography

Many trending kitchens on Houzz have “soft” palettes, such as light grays and blues, that will likely grow even more popular in 2020.

6. Double floating vanities.

Photo by Heather Banks

Houzz reports a rise in popularity of double floating vanities. “It’s a great way to free up floor space to give the appearance of a larger room and makes cleaning the floor easy,” the site notes.

7. Colorful laundry rooms

Photo by Jessica Cain

Laundry rooms are becoming more stylish. Designers and homeowners are introducing energizing colors, patterns, and features to transform these spaces into enjoyable rooms that are lively, cheerful, and even a little quirky.

8. Bold powder rooms

Photo by Kristin Laing

Homeowners also are making bigger statements with the design of their powder rooms. Houzz reports that one way in which powder rooms are being transformed is by wrapping the entire space in a feature wallpaper.

9. Wood detail on range hoods

Photo by Rachel Loewen Photography

Just a little accent can make a big difference: A wood detail on a range adds a tad of warmth and texture into the sightline, Houzz notes. It also helps break up large expanses of cabinetry that are often painted all white or gray.

10. Warmer colors

Photo by STRUKTR Studios Photography

While neutrals are still popular, Houzz says more designers are moving away from grays and toward warmer colors, such as coral or ocher.


Source: nar.realtor

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