What a VS Model has taught me

For many people, the life of a model seems to be an ideal one. You get to travel the world, wear designer clothes, all while making a lot of money. Although modeling and real estate are different, there are also so many similarities.

Here are top takeaways:

1. Come up with a strategy and stick with it.

Having a strategy is a huge lesson from modeling. We don’t see what goes on behind the scenes but can see how strategic the models are as well as the companies that hire them.

Digging deeper into the modeling world, it opens your eyes to see how you can improve your business and protect your time by being strategic.

Everything you do, should have a purpose with an eye on today as well as tomorrow.


2. Be aware of your image.

Models have to maintain their image and their look, you can interpret that into your business. Dress appropriately, be classy and humble, practice presentations and work with the best people in your area.


3. Treat your support staff well.

The modeling world is competitive. While each girl has a small team and agency around them, it is all about the girl’s style, look and personality that matters. Keep in mind there are those who get big-headed and lose business. Real estate is similar.

It’s an individual or team game, but you are part of a bigger group. Always appreciate your broker and know the support staff has invested time, money and energy into making you better. Share your successes and be involved in other’s successes.


4. Invest in good imagery.

We all know the value of great photography but seeing what goes on in a models’ shoots reminds us of how important every little detail should be.

The homes we are selling are our models. Therefore, we’ve learned to let the photographers we use have creative license, but also understand what we and the previous owners love about the home and its history. That has to come out and the photographers capture that.


5. Make opportunities work for you.

Models work hard. They get discovered at an early age being beautiful, tall and skinny as well as a great personality that people can be drawn to. All it takes is one shot to make it but every step of the way, they have to work and learn.

It’s incredible how these models put themselves “out there” on social media and generate awareness. Most get 75 thousand likes or more on a post. Models have a big lead on social with a heavy focus on Instagram. We can evolve and learn from that.

For example, your team is working hard to become a leader with your broker in your market. While doing a great job and gaining a reputation is opening a door for you, for a model that won’t be enough.

The competition is fierce!

You always need to be ahead of everyone in everything you do and work hard right at the outset to make sure your listing and marketing presentations are incredible. Always practice for those meetings, don’t leave anything to chance.


6. Be “on” all the time.

When models and their celebrity friends are together privately, they laugh and joke like any group. But in a moment’s notice, they turn it on. It might be a little girl wanting to meet them, paparazzi or a job.

As real estate agents, you have to be the same way. We all want our private time, but just about every moment is a potential opportunity. As an individual or as a team, when you’re out, even with your kids you should be ready at any given moment to turn it on. Your life is your business.

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