Repeat Guidance – Nevada Agent License No. Requirement

Moving forward all CB NV agent materials will have a line to showcase their NV License Number.

License Number (Section 1)

July 1, 2019: Licensees should start changing their marketing materials including signs, flyers, business cards, social media and billboards to include their license number.  We have been told by the Division that they will not start enforcing these new laws until licensees have had adequate time to come into compliance. The Division recommends that all electronic media be transitioned at the earliest to reflect the license number.  The Commission may, as part of establishing regulations, adopt standards under which the licensee number is used.


Suggested Time Frame:  July 1 to start transitioning marketing material using your license number. You can use stickers on signs for now to mitigate costs.  Right now, the Commission plans on adopting regulations by December 2019, then soon after, all its marketing material, including outdated marketing materials, must be in compliance. * This is just an estimate for now and this timeline may change.

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