CAA Defeats ‘Just Cause’ Eviction Bills

Thanks to the California Apartment Association, a pair of “just cause” eviction bills are dead for the year.

On Thursday, AB 1481 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, and Assemblyman Tim Grayson, D-Concord, died on the Assembly floor because it didn’t have enough votes to advance to the Senate before this week’s deadline. This bill would have imposed just-cause eviction policies statewide.

Likewise, SB 529 by Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, D-Los Angeles, died on the Senate floor Wednesday as it lacked enough votes to advance to the Assembly. SB 529 would have applied just cause eviction policies to members of tenant groups.

Just-cause policies require landlords to list specific reasons to terminate a tenancy. Property owners must then be able to prove the cause in court, a costly, lengthy and sometimes impossible feat.

To stop these bills, the California Apartment Association led a grassroots campaign which culminated Wednesday with the association’s 2019 Legislative Conference.

During the conference, more than 400 rental housing owners and operators visited the Capitol to remind lawmakers about the problems with just cause. CAA members also have been calling lawmakers to advocate against AB 1481 and SB 529.



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