Social Policy 2019

The Select Social team has been performing social maintenance on all of our platforms; 60 Facebook, 5 Pinterest, 4 Twitter pages, and 4 LinkedIn pages. After an in-depth review, we will be “Trimming Down” the number of underutilized Facebook pages to a more manageable number. By consolidating the remaining main pages will become more efficient, providing greater impact, double the potential reach, and enhance exposure for property listings, open houses, charitable, and office events.


Agents, offices admins, managers and support staff are still encouraged to promoting their listings, open houses, and events on the main pages. The Social Team will continue to help push the posts to our additional platforms and pages throughout the company.

Benefits of Merging Facebook Pages.

  •  Consistency of our Brand
  • Creates a central hub
  • Reduces duplicated content
  • Provides more user-to-user engagement


Remember to LIKE, FOLLOW & SHARE!


Thank You,

Hunter Royal – Social Media Specialist

Kyle Dean – Multimedia Coordinator

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