Easter Basket Ideas You Will Love

– Brittney Morgan & Caroline Picard

The key to a good Easter basket might be the goodies you nestle inside it, but without the basket itself, you’ve got nothing. A cute Easter basket can only add to joy of the treats inside, so whether you’re looking for the perfect basket to buy or you’d prefer to DIY it, these Easter basket ideas—which work for kids and adult Easter gifts!—are a total upgrade.


1. Simple Scalloped Easter Basket

Keep it classic with a simple wicker basket and a basket liner that has just a touch of scalloped detail.


2. Personalized Burlap Bunny Easter Basket

This burlap bunny ear basket is simple and cute, and you can leave it plain or have it personalized with a stitched name.


3. Bunny-Shaped Wicker Storage Basket

If you really want to go all out, get a wicker basket that’s shaped like a bunny, like this one.


4. Grapevine Easter Basket

These grapevine baskets come in two sizes and are perfect for Easter gifts for kids and adults alike.


5. Mossy Easter Basket

Refresh last year’s basket by covering the entire thing with craft store moss. It’s the woodsy version of upcycling.


6. Paper Easter Nests

Shredding paper lunch bags or an outdated dictionary can provide the perfect nesting material. Then fill your bowl with eggs—candy, wooden, plastic, or otherwise.


7. Wipe-Off Easter Tags

Experience the magic of dry erase paint for yourself. A few coats turn any flat surface, including cutesy wooden animals, into a whiteboard.


8. Upcycled Easter Basket

Woven together, plain, ol’ grocery bags are the dead ringer for the real thing.


9. Rainbow Easter Basket

Pastels might dominate the springtime palette, but this neon edition jumps out as especially cheery.


Source: www.housebeautiful.com

1 Comment on Easter Basket Ideas You Will Love

  1. Donna Kay Stackhouse // March 12, 2021 at 9:09 am // Reply

    Can you purchase the potterybarn oval baskets in #4?


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