Decorate with a Spring Floral Centerpiece

Spring has sprung and flowers are in bloom! These unique floral centerpieces will be sure to bring the colors and feel of Spring into your home.

Prepare with the following tip:

  • Pick flowers that are half-open for a long-lasting display
  • Fuller plants in the middle
  • Finer plants on the end
  • Use Lightweight potting mix
  • Reindeer moss for a decorative base
  • Add ice cubes at the plant base twice a week

1. Splash of Color


If you’re hosting or headed to a house warming, dripping paint bucket floral arrangements might be the perfect fit. Pick up an empty aluminum paint bucket from the home improvement store, lay out a drop cloth along a long, flat surface, then use a turkey baster to add a dripping effect from the opening of the bucket to the bottom. Let the paint dry for about three to four hours, then use a utility knife to cut any paint buildup from the drop cloth.


2. Rustic Watering Can


Bring the act of gardening to the table by arranging white flowers in weathered watering cans (look at thrift stores and flea markets.) Tulips are a great choice, as they’re affordable and evoke a casual-yet-elegant feeling.


3. Chalkboard Pots

Marian Parsons

Give inexpensive terra cotta pots a playful makeover with chalkboard paint; fill with blooming bulbs for a cheery pop of spring color.


4. Small But Mighty


Diminutive grape hyacinth, creamy double tulips and tiny fuchsia phlox pack a powerful punch when placed in a compact handmade urn.


5. Vibrant Bouquet’s


The harmonious pinks and oranges of this vibrant bouquet sing with intensity. This arrangement makes a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift or sensational centerpiece.


6. Unarranged Arrangements


Arranging flowers needn’t be intimidating or complicated. Simply choose three flowers in complementary colors and shapes. Cut stems so flowers sit about two inches above the top of container, remove all leaves that will fall below the water line, and bunch flowers together in a tight, mounded arrangement. To keep arrangements fresh, trim the ends and change the water every few days. Typically, most arrangements last about a week or two.


7. Bring the Garden In


Stagger small and large antique bottles inside an old wooden tool box and fill with your yard’s most vibrant spring wildflowers.



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