Design Trends That Are In For 2019


Manco Ricca

Clutter is out and less is in. The days of filling rooms with bursts of color and busy patterns are gone, but in its place comes elegant simplicity. Instead of filling empty space, consider embracing and using the empty space to make the room feel more open.



Eric Piasecki

Furniture and accents meant to display status, such as gold, jewels, and ornate tapestries, are out. Displaying simple design is the new look of status. Jeweled upholstery and gold clutters the living space with necessary displays of status and makes the area seem less inviting and more closed off.



Grey Crawford

Yesterday was all about the simple cool grays and neutral tones to meant to display a tone of elegant modesty, but now it’s changed. The new movement calls for an improvement of that style by adding color back in. Use the grays, but with an edge of bold colors like emerald greens, dark teal’s, or indigo’s. Adding color helps to bring life back into the flattened gray tones.



Laura Hull

Flat is out, balance is in. Flat, single colored furniture has been a recent addition to design trends, but now it’s time to improve upon it. Balance flat cabinets, couches, and dressers with balanced, patterned, accents. This can be different as a pattern that is too busy can throw off the balance. Play around with patterns, find one you love.



Luis Pena

Acrylic can give a room an excellent foundation to build off of. For example, an acrylic couch can act as stylistic centerpiece to match with a room. As acrylic can act as a neutral piece, you can match well with organic pieces like plants or handwoven accents.



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