New Year New You

2018 is over, for many of us that means New Year resolutions, hitting the gym, breaking your caffeine habit, or reading more. But it’s also a great time to review your social media strategy; what did and didn’t work, things to update and things to change. We’re here to help.

Take some time to review your web presence and social media. Think of it as a deep clean. Dig down to analyze what worked well and what fell flat. Ask yourself the following questions: What could you post more? 2018 saw a continuing growth of video across all platforms. Did you post a video? How well did it work? Did your video outperform other post types? Check the numbers and start 2019 with posts of a similar style and cut the ones that under-performed.


Develop a Social Media Strategy

After an analysis of your current profiles, now is the time to plan out your year. It’s important to write this out and stick to your plan. A good strategy includes: Defining a goal, researching competition, optimizing your accounts, creating a posting schedule, and evaluating as you go. Do this, and you’re sure to have a successful year!

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