Maintain Your Motivation

We’ve all been there before. Sometimes it’s easy to lose motivation to finish that task or make that phone call. But don’t let the winter blues beat you. Find that motivation to make sure you’re on track with your business plan. You and your clients will appreciate it! Here are five tips to maintain your motivation.

  1. It’s all about setting personal goals! Knowing you have something you’re aspiring toward will help you focus. Be specific with your goal and your intentions on how to achieve it. Think about what you want and what you will need to accomplish it.
  2. Have a positive mindset about your goals. It won’t be a piece of cake to be positive every day but looking for additional outside resources like podcasts or books can help remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Watch or listen to inspirational talks from your role models and industry leaders. The more positive things you surround yourself with the more positive you will feel.
  3. Track your progress! Sometimes it can be hard to see where all your hard work is going and if any improvements have been made. Benchmark your progress to see if you’re making the right steps in achieving your goal. Have you made all the calls and emails you said you would? Are you behind? Or maybe you’re ahead! If you’re keeping track, you’re on the right path.
  4. Be accountable. Accept that you will fall behind sometimes but don’t let that keep you down. Team up with a partner to help keep everyone afloat with reaching their goals.
  5. Share your progress. Just like how teaming up with someone can help you stick to your plan, so too does sharing your story. Motivate yourself by motivating others to make an accountability plan and achieve their business goals.

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