California Garage Door Openers

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Beginning in July, a new law will go into effect regarding backup batteries for garage door openers sold or installed in California. This new bill will require any new garage door opener installed or sold in California after July 1st to come with a backup battery in case of power outage emergencies. Any openers without a backup will be prohibited. This will require making sure the batteries are still maintained and working properly.

This bill forbids any repairman or company from installing or selling any garage door that does not come with a battery backup that will work in the event of a power failure. The civil fine for failing to supply a backup is $1,000.

Homeowners can test their batteries by monitoring their power, listening to any warning alarms alerting them to a low battery, and testing its power by unplugging the garage door cord. This new bill will ensure that anyone during an emergency or power outage has the means necessary to get their car out of their garage quickly and safely.

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