Expired Listings Scripts, Key Questions, and Red Flags

Expired listings are more prevalent than ever, we have put together several marketing pieces for  you to use; Door hangers, postcards, scripts, key questions and red flags to look out for. All of the print material is being built-in to Xpressdocs.com/TheSelectGroup, Door hangers will be company-paid, to personalize you affix your business card atop the white box with double-sided tape or glue dot.

Office Admins: door hanger bundles will be ready to order late next week.

Expired Listing Scripts, Key Questions & Red Flags

Door Hanger Samples:

C21 Doorhanger A

C21 Doorhanger B

C21 Doorhanger C

C21 Doorhanger D

2 Comments on Expired Listings Scripts, Key Questions, and Red Flags

  1. Will there be Nevada door hangers?


  2. Richard Nolle // December 14, 2018 at 7:03 pm // Reply

    Please reconsider the language under Scenario 1 “If the answer is no”. Reading it loosely, it could sound like your clients are also upset about their house not selling. I would suggest: “I understand your feelings as I have encountered this before. I assure you I have been able to help lead to a favorable result where people would allow me to help them.”. Suzie and Rick Nolle Realtors for You Cal BRE# 01419558 BRE #01419559 Cell: 530-205-6201 Home: 530-432-5360


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