Five Fun Thanksgiving Games

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Thanksgiving is all about wonderful food and time spent with family and loved ones. In addition to the normal festivities, why not spice it up with these fun Thanksgiving games that are perfect for children and adults alike!


Feather Float

Supplies: craft feathers

Rules: Players blow their feather to keep it up in the air for as long as possible. Whoever keeps it floating the longest wins!


Traffic Yam

Supplies: spoons, grafting tape, raw yams

Rules: Using the grafting tape to make a “finish line” on the other side of the room, players then use a spoon to push their yam or sweet potato from one side to cross the “finish line” and back to the starting line. Players may play defense by pushing other yams out of the way.


The Mayflower

Supplies: corks, fake flowers, small container

Rules: Filling a container with water, players decorate their small corks with flowers and place into the container. Players blow on their cork boat and race to the other end of the container.


Shake Your Tail Feathers

Supplies: craft feathers, panty hose or string, empty rectangle tissue boxes

Rules: Filling a tissue box with feathers, players tape or wrap string/pantyhose around the box and tie to their waist. Players shake and wobble until all feathers have fallen out of the box.


The Goblet Gobble

Supplies: ping pong balls, plastic cups/goblets

Rules: Place the cups/goblets (one per player or team) on the other side of the room while the ping pong balls stay on the opposite side of the room. Players must transport the 3 ping pong balls back to the goblet by only holding them between their chin and neck.



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  1. These all sound fun!


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