Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Given the nature of real estate, Realtors® are placed in a precarious safety position that isn’t as commonplace in other occupations. It isn’t unheard of for Realtors® to attend open houses, show a property alone with a client, or publicly share their current location and contact information. For all parties to remain protected and comfortable, here are some tips that all real estate professionals can engage in.

  1. Establish a routine and protocol for all incoming clients. When meeting a potential client for the first time, meet in a public location or at your office. Inform them of your protocol so they feel equally protected.
  2. Make copies of driver licenses and ID’s as a record. Keep a log of all appointments.
  3. Drive separately to listing appointments.
  4. Allow the client to walk ahead of you when viewing a property.
  5. Only view vacant properties during the daytime.
  6. Hold open houses with another Realtor® or Stanford Loan Officer, create a sign-in sheet where potential buyers must provide a phone number and name, and store personal belongings and valuables in a safe location.

Visit NAR’s Safety Program online for more safety protocols.

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