Privacy & Surveillance According to California Law

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

All Realtors® should be familiar with California Penal Code, Section 632 that states recording devices may not be used to eavesdrop on a person without consent of all parties. It is illegal in California to videotape or record someone without their knowledge or approval. While it is expected to maintain one’s privacy, homeowners do have the right to use recording devices throughout their property’s boundaries. For this to be legal, a posted sign indicating that video and audio surveillance are on the property must be in an obvious location for guests to see. Nevada does not have the same laws, however it is always best to let people know when camera’s are present in a home.

Making these facts available to your potential buyers at showing appointments or open houses is crucial for transparency. With technological advancements and the increase of smart devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home one should expect a person’s home has recording devices. Always remember that discretion is key.

Visit CAR’s website for more information on privacy an surveillance.

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