Take a Hike Out of the Office

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Northern California and Nevada are states nothing short of wondrous. Their proximity to diverse terrain and outdoor sports is numerous. The list runs long for all of the health benefits associated with hiking and spending more time outside in the fresh air. Sometimes it can feel hard to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, but luckily visiting a park, a lake, or the mountains for a hike isn’t too far away. Below is a list of the accessible hikes located just a short distance from our many offices. Even for the most inexperienced hiker, these trips will be sure to delight you. Treat your body, mind, and soul to these naturally beautiful locations.


Putah Creek Wildlife Area


Located 23 miles west from our Coldwell Banker Select office in Davis, California, Putah Creek Wildlife Area in Solano County has wonderful views of Lake Berryessa, the Monticello Dam, and access to miles of trails.


Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area


Less than 10 miles from Davis and under 20 from the Century 21 Select office in Sacramento is the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area. It’s perfect for observing migratory birds, fish, and even bats. On 16,600 acres, it’s ideal for a little getaway from urban life.


El Dorado National Forest


Century 21 Select’s Pollock Pines and Placerville office is less than 20 miles from El Dorado National Forest located in the Central Sierra Nevada mountain range. Home of Desolation Wilderness, this forest features rocky barren terrain and is perfect for backpacking adventures.


Tahoe National Forest

USDA Forest Service

For a longer drive, located 2 ½ hours from Grass Valley and Nevada City’s Century 21 Select office is Tahoe National Forest. With lush meadows, mining towns, and views of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta, this forest is perfect for long hikes and skiing.


Plumas National Forest


From Chico and Gridley’s Century 21 Select office, you can drive to Plumas National Forest in under two hours. This forest has 300 miles of backcountry trails suitable for all levels. For weary legs, there’s also the Plumas Backcountry Discovery Trail (BDT) that offers views of remote areas of the park via vehicle on rough dirt roads.


Lake Tahoe

Sierra Club

In Nevada, all 11 Coldwell Banker Select offices have the privilege of being 4 minutes to an hour away from Lake Tahoe. The perfect location for all of your outdoor desires, Lake Tahoe offers easy to challenging day hikes and overnight trips. With mountains surrounding all the offices, it would be hard to not hike somewhere.


With a variety of options, the Select Group has plenty of offices and staff members to help you with any real estate needs you may have. As a valued client you will always be included in the Select Client Club which means you have access to our services throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada at no additional cost. So, if you find yourself in need of a photocopy after a long fun day in the mountains, you know where to go. Locate the nearest office here.

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