Your Listings & Title Reports

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Every good Realtor® should be in the habit of acquiring a preliminary title report for every listing they take. Having a document that lists encumbrances, liens, mortgages, and additional information relating to the property’s boundaries and history is always more reliable than a person’s memory. Don’t let your buyer’s dream home come to a halt due to a clouded title.

Obtaining a title report in the beginning stages of a real estate listing ensures that the property’s title is clean and ready. The report is created from a real estate property’s history. In a full report, one can expect to find general information about the property like tax rates, zoning, and ownership names. It will also show property boundary issues, overdue taxes, liens, and mortgages. It’s important that the title not have any ownership claims by individuals other than the seller for the title to pass ownership from one party to another.

Reduce any closing delays and save money and time by finding out sooner rather than later what possible title issues exist. By obtaining a title report early you can resolve any legal hiccups with enough leeway.

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