Solar in your Future?

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Legislation was approved and passed by California lawmakers to assist PG&E in paying the billions of dollars in wildfire liabilities from last year’s Northern California’s wine country devastation by allowing higher electricity bills. Currently, utilities in California, whether they’re regulatory compliant or not, are found responsible for fires if damages are traced back to their equipment. This new bill would have regulators to determine liability, if utilities acted reasonably, and how much PG&E can pay before going bankrupt. Bonds can also be sold backed by the bills of customers to cover costs, regardless if the expenses were also due to negligent behavior. State Senator Bill Dodd, co-chair of the conference committee and a Democrat from Napa, has stated this bill is intended to protect ratepayers in case of a utility bankruptcy, helping customers from potentially even larger energy cost increases. Seen by consumer advocates some as a bail-out by allowing utilities to pass the cost of wildfire lawsuits unto their customers, legislation still won bipartisan support.

In light of these changes, it’s important to reconsider energy costs and the available options. If you’ve been considering the switch to solar, now may be the perfect time. SunPower® by Alternative Energy Systems (AES Connections) offers valuable solar energy discounts for The Select Group. This local program offers wonderful discounts on new solar system purchases specifically for their local community. In wake of the new legislation, this may be the perfect opportunity for you, your family, and your home.

The Select Group recently had AES install solar on both our Yuba City and Chico offices.

Take advantage of this opportunity today by speaking with an AES Ambassador to receive your very own unique group discount.

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