Fire Protection Tips

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

It’s wildfire season and while it’s a thought nobody wants to consider, it’s important to take a few moments to review some fire protection tips. Taking precaution today will make a large difference in managing a worst-case scenario in the future.

Protect Your Roof. Check to see if your roof is rated as Class A and fire resistant. Tile and steel are the best options, but asphalt shingle rooves are suitable as well. Confirm the siding is a fiber cement type as well as low/non-flammable underlayment.

Heat Resistant Windows. Installing non-combustible shutters that can be closed during a last-minute emergency will go a long way. Tempered smaller windows will be harder to break and fire-resistant drapes and furniture surrounding windows are all suggested.

Remove combustible material. Do a walk around the property to remove any items that are hazardous. Clearing the area directly surrounding the house means it will be easier for emergency responders to reach you. Items like firewood and dry grass are asking for trouble.

Reducing Openings. Limiting the number of vent openings will cut back the chances of flyaway embers entering the property. Make sure the gutters are clear and not vulnerable.

Another tip: filing a claim for any damages due to wildfire ash (i.e., ash ruining outdoor furniture). I advise you to contact your homeowner’s insurance company for more specific information.

The proper preparation can help save you, your home, and personal belongings; take the time today to prepare for tomorrow.


Stay safe this year and contact me for a fire safety checklist.

2 Comments on Fire Protection Tips

  1. Good tips and be sure to review your insurance policy once a year.


  2. It is also a good idea to have hoses attached to all outside bibs so you can wet things down quickly. Be sure there is a nozzle on each one.


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