DIY Hanging Solar Lights

A great summer DIY and the perfect addition to any yard! These solar light crafts are affordable, easy, and adds a great flare to any location.


  • Glass Bowl Light Shade
  • Metal Washers
  • Glue
  • Solar Light
  • Metal Hanging Planter Basket


Let’s get crafty!

  • First, empty out your hanging basket leaving only the cage and chain.
  • Next, measure the base of the Light Shade.
  • Purchase a washer that fits the base of the Shade.
  • Glue washer over the hole of your Shade. Be careful not to glue all the way around leaving room for rainwater to fall through.
  • Remove the bottom piece of your solar light (if your light doesn’t already have a base for placement). Glue the base onto the washer firmly.
  • Place your newly crafted solar light into your hanging basket.
  • Place your light in the perfect location and enjoy your new yard addition


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