The Safety of Real Estate Investment

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

Despite market instability, investment in real estate remains one of the safest channels towards building wealth. There are now a multitude of low/high risk opportunities like flipping fixer-uppers or buying and holding for rental income and appreciation. There are also a variety of debt investment options that come with a different risk profile, so there are alternative options beyond the classic equity investments.

From buying a single family home as an investment, to duplex’s, 4 plex’s, commercial property and even land, a Real Estate investor has lots of options. Real Estate remains one of the best long-term investments. As Will Rogers said, “Buy Land, they aren’t making any more of it.” (Expect maybe in Hawaii).

Lending is easier now than ever before with technological advancements. Fintech, a term for financial technology, is changing the real estate landscape by eliminating the clunky middleman and in turn lowering overall costs. Thanks to fintech, the JOBS Act, the online marketplace, and crowdsourcing, borrowers have the option to obtain secured non-banking funding while simultaneously offering investors access to make direct loans on properties that match their risk tolerance and portfolio.

With so many options, it can become unwieldy weighing the options. Call me today and we can explore your low-risk and high-reward investment opportunities together!

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