Stay Current With Digital Marketing

Online marketing can be difficult for most real estate brokers, but fortunately the Select Group Marketing is here to help streamline your web presence! To take your online marketing to the next level you will need to promote your brand while also supporting your listings; this can be a difficult feat among a torrent of changing technology and consumer preferences. Luckily, here are some strategies to stay on top.

Keep Learning.

Constantly stay informed about marketing tactics. Read up on the latest tips and tools that are helping others like you in the industry. Many excellent learning resources are free like Placester’s Real Estate Marketing Academy and the Geek Estate Blog. Attend industry conferences for exchange insights and fresh ideas.


Take Risks.

Try new things! New opportunities arise as the online social world and technology changes like live- streaming, email marketing, and Facebook ad campaigns. Don’t be afraid to try out the latest tread to see if it will benefit your online presence. Keep working at a strategy until you gain measurable results that can be backed by data. Blogging, while dated, continues to be one of the most effective ways of driving traffic as long as you are consistent with posting.



Brainstorm and collaborate with other agents. Sharing fresh ideas with others is the key to refining both the industry and your individual marketing plan. Through collaboration, you can develop insights on how to best use your industry tools like CRM platforms and page generators. You can learn how they can be used in out-of-the-box ways to achieve a goal.

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