Hacks For The Camping Pro

Camping can be dirty and uncomfortable at times, but it doesn’t always have to be! For a more pleasant experience follow these simple hacks when planning your upcoming camping trip.


1. Understand Your Comfort Level.

Understanding your threshold for comfort is key. Your vacation’s comfort level can be improved considerably just by packing a few extra things. Consider bringing foam floor-tiles to line the bottom of your tent to add an extra barrier of cushioning between you and the hard ground. Sleeping pads can also do the trick. It can be hard to stay clean while roughing it in the wild, but if you’re looking for a portable faucet you can bring water in a recycled laundry detergent dispenser; with lightweight microfiber towels, you’ll have your very own DIY sink.


2. Transporting Cooking Supplies.

Cooking in the wild can be messy. Downsizing is key so consider packing herbs and spices in tic-tac containers. For morning coffee, pack your grounds in a tied up coffee filter, and pour hot water over as you would a tea bag.


3. Never Be Without A Fire.

Making a fire can be a challenge depending on the camping conditions. Before leaving home, pack charcoal into egg cartons. It’s easy to transport and even easier to use as a quick fire starter. For additional fire starters, pack extra cardboard and cotton pads dipped in wax. If all else fails, the dust on Dorito chips is quite flammable.


4. Hiking Like A Pro.

Every good hiker never enters the woods without having knowledge of the area and techniques on how to survive an emergency. Become well-versed on what dangerous plants look like and what the local pests are. Ticks can be a major health hazard in wooded areas; you can create a protective barrier between yourself and ticks by spraying shoes, socks, and pant cuffs with two-parts water and one-part tea-tree oil. Bringing a first-aid kit is always recommended, a mini version in an old prescription bottle is waterproof, portable, and durable. Biodegradable trail-marking tape is available to mark your path, you won’t leave a lasting footprint on nature and will avoid getting lost.


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