Be Creative with Your Offers

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

The spring housing market is traditionally a busy time for buyers and sellers. Combined with a national inventory shortage, this means many buyers are getting in touch with their imaginative and creative side when it comes to putting an offer on a property. With the market as competitive as it is at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with quirky, out-of-the-box bids. Here are a few popular ideas some buyers have successfully implemented with results:


In today’s world, everyone can blog or vlog (video blogging) and most things can be done with just your smartphone. Sometimes recording a personal message about what the house represents to you, your compliments about the seller’s tastes, or your visions for the future can sway the seller to say yes to you and your offer. This can also be your platform to show off your other skills. REALTOR® Magazine recently reported on a couple who had their offer accepted $20,000 under the top bid due to their music video submission. Their song choice of “Our House” emotionally connected with the sellers, sealing the deal. There is no wrong way to express your interest!


There’s nothing like a good ole handwritten letter. When wanting to connect with your sellers on a more empathetic and emotional level, writing an original letter may be just the thing that turns your bid from a maybe into a yes! Having children or pets provide paw-printed letters or pictures can also send a positively-charged message to your sellers that you’re serious about creating a loving new home on their property.

Of course, every buyer and seller is different. Not every seller will be swayed by such efforts, but with the market saturated as it is, it can’t hurt to try something different and new.

Contact me today to discuss your ideas to make your offers more interesting! Let’s get creative together!

1 Comment on Be Creative with Your Offers

  1. I love the concept and have used in past – any suggestions as to creativy when using trade of another property as far as a down payment? Always looking for fresh ways to present to sellers. So many agent just say NO they wouldn’t entertain that, they just want cash – they haven’t even presented this option to them, I think the fact they wouldn’t understand to present. Your thoughts!!!!


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