7 Rules For Dinner Parties

Being the host of a dinner party can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, so here are some of the best tips both a host and a guest can follow to make the night as enjoyable as possible.

1. Give Straight Answers.

If you are asked to be a guest at a dinner party, give the host a definitive yes or no response. Despite your curiosity, avoid quizzing the host on who will be there, if there’ll be food, and what kind of food will be served. A simple answer is the most appreciated and easiest to account for.

2. Be Thoughtfully Late.

If your host invites you for an arrival at 7pm, the last thing you should do is arrive at 7pm or earlier. Your host will likely still be prepping the house, and the last thing they will want is to feel rushed by the arrival of early guests. Consider giving your host about 15 extra minutes after the invite time.

3. No “Hangry” Guests.

Nobody wants hangry guests or to be a “hangry” guest. Prepared food should take no longer than 2 hours after the invite time. Factor in extra prep time if you are particularly slow in the kitchen.

4. Music Choice.

Music is important to your guests. They will expect music to drown out noises of chewing and chatter. Pick musical selections that are neither slow and boring nor overwhelming and intrusive. Overall, any music will be better than none at all.

5. Disconnect and Engage.

In this modern age, it’s expected that guests will be connected to their phones, but be courteous and use your phone moderately during the meal. Posting photos to your social media can be taken as overwhelming and rude.

6. Leave When It’s Over.

If the party is occurring on a work night, give your host time to clean up. If the invite is for 2pm then be sure to be out by 8pm. Don’t hang around until 2am displaying your karaoke skills.

7. Thank Your Host.

Finally, thank your host the next day by text, call, or in person if you can. They deserve the acknowledgment. Don’t intrude on cleanups unless otherwise asked. Give your host space as they are likely to be very busy but also show your gratitude.

Source: www.theguardian.com

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