10 Safety Tips for Realtors

– Hunter Royal – Select Group – Social Media Specialist

Most people would never walk into a secluded house with a stranger, but real estate agents do it every day. According to the National Association of Realtors, 57% of realtors are women. AgBeat conducted a 2011 study on violent attacks of real estate agents and found that most often the victims are women, but men are attacked as well. These tips will help to lower the chances of one of those attacks.

  1. Be Careful with Personal Info
  2. Verify Client Information
  3. Entrust a Coworker
  4. Park on the Curb, Not in the Driveway
  5. Announce Your Showings
  6. Scout Locations Early
  7. Keep Your Phone in Hand
  8. Keep Clients in Sight
  9. Pay Attention to Exits
  10. Take Self-Defense Classes
  11. Trust Your Gut

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