Time to Check Your Home Plumbing

– Crystal Vagnier – Select Group – Writer/Editor

As springtime takes way it’s the perfect time to catch up on any neglected chores regarding your home; one of these chores is your plumbing. If you find yourself with any type of plumbing issue you can be shocked to find that your financials and safety could be affected. High water bills and foundational/structural damage can result from ignored plumbing concerns. But with a little TLC completed sporadically and consistently, you can avoid plenty of future headaches.

Investigate the Leaks. Do you have any leaky faucets? Sometimes you may have leaks without realizing it. Check the surrounding areas for any warped flooring, mold, stuffy air, drain stains, and/or rusty water.

Study the Pipes. If you do come across any leaks from your pipes, take action and inspect further. Signs of corrosion, particularly by toilets or dishwashers, can be a giveaway. Sometimes only a replacement part is needed and is a quick fix. O-rings, shutoff valves, and/or brass fittings can help assist in cutting down the potential corrosion or faulty plumbing.

Be Proactive. Staying on top of your usage and fixing any damages will help ward off a larger and expensive fix down the line. Look at your water meter to see what your current usage is. You can use this gauge as a reference to see if usage decreases or increases when you turn off water-using appliances. When in doubt, hiring a plumber to address any of your concerns is always a safe bet.

If you find yourself in need of an expert, contact me and I’m happy to suggest a verifiable and reliable plumber!

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